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Security Notices


Audio from the scam phone call can be found here:


SECTION/UNIT:  Financial Crimes Unit

DATE OF RELEASE: February 2, 2017      

SUBJECT: Beware of phone scam

RELEASED BY:  Brenna Angel, Public Information Officer




The Lexington Police Department is warning citizens of a phone scam targeting Kentucky Utilities customers.


As part of the scam, a victim gets a phone message and is asked to call a fake number that sounds like an automated phone system from KU. When the victim is connected with a so-called customer service representative, they are told that a past-due bill needs to be paid immediately with a prepaid iTunes or Visa gift card. The victim is told that if they don’t comply, power to their home will be disconnected.


KU officials say the utility never calls customers asking for credit or debit card numbers or other personal information and reminds customers to use the utility’s SAFE tips to protect themselves from falling victim to scammers.


Both the Lexington Police Department and KU have received several calls regarding this scam, but fortunately there have been no reports of customers sending money.  Lexington police advise area residents who receive a call like this to hang up and refrain from sending personal information or money. Anyone who believes they may be a victim of a phone scam should contact the police department at (859) 258-3600.


Brenna Angel

Public Information Officer

Lexington Police Department


Office: 859-425-2006 | Cell: 502-751-1699

LexKyPolice: Facebook | Twitter | Nextdoor


Tuesday, December 6th early AM

Sturgill residence

2 young men in hoodies (at least 1 caucasian) entered an open garage door and attempted to steal lawn equipment but were thwarted by Tom honking his car horn. Moments after the burglars ran away, 2 cars and 1 dark SUV were spotted slowly passing the Sturgill house coming from the back of The Colony. Police were contacted. They suggested that keeping lights on, all doors locked, and security cameras active and signs posted would help deter further activity.

Please keep an eye out for suspicious activity and contact the police to keep our neighborhood safe.


Late December 2016

1273 Standish Way

Break-in and items stolen from the carport.

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