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Colony Neighborhood Association Guidelines for Web Page Advertising


The Colony Neighborhood Association welcomes residents to advertise their businesses on our web page,


The following are guidelines for the placement of ads


  1.  Ads will be placed for a six-month time frame:

     January and running through the end of June or

     July through the end of December

     Ads can be renewed each six-month period.

  2. Resident’s ads will cost $25.00 for a 6 month period and will not be larger than ¼ of a 8 X 10 page.

  3. Nonresident ads (nonresidents must be recommended by a resident) will cost $50.00 per six months and also be no more than ¼ of the web page.

  4. Money collected from ads will go towards deferring expenses associated with the web page or other neighborhood expenses as needed.

  5. The Board is not responsible for creating artwork for sponsored ads. Ads must be provided in image format (jpg or tiff) and have the necessary resolution to display clearly in a 3” by 5” space.

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